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Sgi Pharma R&d Services
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SPRIM is a complete product lifecycle, health-focused consulting agency, featuring an integrated service model to handle all stages of research and development in life sciences and human health. From traditional categories like nutrition, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals to the new health frontier of digital health, SPRIM work to deliver winning health solutions and tangible commercial results.

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Digital Health

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ObvioHealth is a Virtual Research Organization (VRO) leading the long-overdue digitization of health innovation. ObvioHealth launched in 2017, leveraging technological innovation to tackle the inefficiencies in the trial process. But ObvioHealth knew then and now, that success would come from the fusion of experienced clinical researchers and pioneering health technologists. This is their winning prescription for seamless clinical trials.

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Fibronostics is a discovery platform developing non-invasive, algorithm-based diagnostics to improve treatment outcomes, facilitate screening of specific diseases and help prognosis in various chronic conditions. Fibronostics currently focuses on liver disease, identifying high-risk patients and early detection through two products, LiverFast Select and LiverFast.

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1nHealth is a digital platform designed to accelerate the advancement of health through subject recruitment innovation, matching the right patients to the right trial at the right time. The technology has been made possible via the deployment of custom built algorithm, which leverages disparate data from several sources to form a total picture, allowing us to target and qualify high potential subjects no one is soliciting using a simple premise: conventional subject targeting delivers subpar, conventional enrollment.

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RegASK is a digital platform using natural language processing for answering regulatory questions about path-to-market and path-to-claims for product expansions into foreign markets. RegASK is backed by a team of regulatory experts with a global perspective and years of navigating some of the most complicated regulatory hurdles in markets big and small.

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Magnosco is a company focused on early-stage skin cancer detection. Magnosco develops a method for early stage malignant melanoma detection, known as dermatofluoroscopy. The non-invasive diagnostics are based on infrared laser and artificial intelligence technology.

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Evid Science utilizes a well-developed cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to ensure their customers have timely access to the most up-to-date medical evidence, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition, make more informed decisions, and always remain up-to-date on the latest scientific trends. The Evid Science platform puts outcomes evidence at your fingertips. Do in seconds what used to take weeks or even months of manual work. Evid Science’s tool powers more efficient and cost-effective evidence based decision-making across the enterprise.

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Phoska Biopharma is a pre-clinical stage company advancing new breakthrough therapies in several indications.

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Treos Bio is a clinical stage company introducing a disruptive computational technology to change the paradigm of cancer immunotherapy development by resolving the dual challenges of patient and tumor heterogeneity. Treos Bio use proprietary therapeutic peptides, produced through commercially scalable processes without need for tumor biopsy, to stimulate clinically effective cancer-specific immune responses in patients predicted by our diagnostic tests to respond.

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AUM Biosciences is at the forefront of disrupting the drug development process in oncology, to deliver pioneering and affordable targeted drugs across a broad spectrum of cancers.

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Travecta Therapeutics is developing a broad portfolio of product candidates engineered to cross the blood-brain-barrier. Our proprietary platform, mVECTATM, allows them to identify candidates that can cross the blood-brain barrier and unlock novel, untapped neurological pathways.

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