The journey started with Jeroen van de Waal

Not only did Jeroen van de Waal have a dream. He had a vision. A vision about an eco-system of businesses, organisations and people, beyond borders – all working together, towards a common goal – namely to save the ocean, the planet and ourselves.

It all started in 2014, with OrcaNation – a diving school that eventually became a hub for education, sustainability and conservation – tirelessly working with the next generation to develop understanding and knowledge of the deep blue.

The company grew and its vision was shared, with many. Soon, there was no longer a single man creating ripples, but a full school of knowledgeable optimists, wanting to improve our planet’s situation.

The Reef Company, dedicated to building artificial reefs that give back endlessly, was the next company born.

Set up as a startup, it tried out the agile ways in creating a new business from scratch. Following the Orca way, the company had strict requirements of ensuring measurable impact in combination with long term profit.

As followers became leaders, the idea of creating a space for other ocean entrepreneurs, took form.

Narwhal Ventures was set up as an incubator that helps entrepreneurs grow deep ocean solutions into sustainable businesses.

Coming full circle, the vision became a legal entity – Blue Beat Group emerged as the natural holding company and safekeeper of our vision. Like a heart beat of the ocean, Blue Beat Group is the rhythm of a vision, a purpose and a goal – to save the ocean, the planet and ourselves.

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