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We Are Scientists, Doctors, Marketers, And Business Leaders.

Leadership and Investment Team

Sgi Team Dr. Michael Shleifer

Dr. Michael Shleifer
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Sgi Team Ivan Jarry

Ivan Jarry

Sgi Team Al Hummel

Al Hummel
Senior Partner

Sgi Team Thomas Fratacci

Thomas Fratacci
Chief Financial Officer

Sgi Team Edwin Barkhordarian

Edwin Barkhordarian
Investment Analyst

Sgi Team Chang Chu Chuen

Chang Chu Chuen
Investment Analyst

Operation Team

Sgi Team Rae Slattery

Rae Slattery
Finance Director

Sgi Team Chong Wee Khoo

Chong Wee Khoo
Financial Controller


SGI is supported by the network of partners with strong investment, mentorship experience & track record

Sgi Team Sven Henrichwark

Sven Henrichwark

Sgi Team Susan Dallabrida, Phd

Susan Dallabrida, PhD
CEO of SPRIM Consultancy

Sgi Team Michael Tillmann

Michael Tillmann

Sgi Team Aaron Kim

Aaron Kim
Advisor, BAC Director

Sgi Team Alain Mutricy

Alain Mutricy
Advisor, Executive Relations

Sgi Team Paul Bernard

Paul Bernard
Advisor, BAC Director

Sgi Team Bruno Montanari

Bruno Montanari
Advisor, BAC Director

Sgi Team Jeremy Brest

Jeremy Brest
Director, TrialCap

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